New Video: “Consistency is not perfection, it is simply refusing to give up”

We've all heard consistency is the key! I was asked by a friend of mine, how does somebody stay consistent? I answer her question in today's video on how to stay consistent with your diet and exercise program. Posted… Continue Reading →

New Video: How To Stay Motivated

It’s hard to stay motivated every day. Many people don’t understand how motivation really works. Most don’t know what really drives them. In today’s video I talk about how motivation works and what I do every day to stay highly… Continue Reading →

Video: How 1 Client Changed Their LIFE!

Today I share a powerful story of a client of mine who lived in pain for the last 5 years. In the video I talk about how she turned her health around in 4 weeks. Powerful message in this video!… Continue Reading →

Video: Advanced Upper Body Finisher

This is one of hardest and best finishers to do on an upper body day. I did 10 hops forward, 10 to the left, 10 backwards and 10 to the right. It Looks easy, but these burn your shoulders chest… Continue Reading →

Video: Don’t be Cheap With Yourself

The biggest and best investment you can make is in yourself. Today I talk about what investing yourself really is, how paying yourself first will improve your health and quality of life, and how being cheap with your health will… Continue Reading →

I2T is partnering with Mongo Nutrition!

I2T is proud to announce its official partnership with Mongo Nutrition, owned and operated by Josh Kosier of Madison, WI. Josh has an extensive background in the fitness industry and we believe that he will add tremendous value to the… Continue Reading →

Video: End Your Next Upper Body or Back Day Like This

Try this shoulder and back exercise at the end of your next upper body or back day. This movement is great for overall strength development and works the muscles from a different angle than most conventional movements. Sick of doing… Continue Reading →


You know what grinds my gears? The deception I see every day in the fitness industry. In today’s video I talk about what I see and offer insight with some simple tips of on what will really get you the… Continue Reading →

Video: I’m in Acceleration’s New Commercial!

They say when I jump it looks like I float. They say it looks easy and effortless. What they don’t see is the hard work behind the scenes to make it look this way! They say when I jump it… Continue Reading →

Video: You Need to Understand the Law of Attraction

If you follow me, you’ve heard my story about how I read the book The Secret and shifted my thinking to a positive mindset to change my life for the better. I’m constantly asked how I was able to make… Continue Reading →

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