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The Road To Success Is Simple – Unfortunately Simple Isn’t The Same As Easy

The Road To Success Is Simple – Unfortunately Simple Isn’t The Same As Easy


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A popular quote in the success and self-help community is that “success leaves clues”. This is actually a very true statement. I don’t care what industry it is, the people who have achieved the most success all have similar traits and habits that lead to their success. The traits are actually very simple as well. A short list of them are to set goals, learn from failing, serve others, stay positive, and be intentional every day with your actions. Simple traits that the mega successful follow every day. I follow these traits on a daily basis when it comes to fitness and health, and have for several years. Which is why people see me as an elite athlete and an expert in the industry. I was talking with a family member about weight loss, and I was explaining how simple it truly is to lose weight, but people tend to over complicate things. This family member responds to my comments by saying “if it were that simple why doesn’t everybody do it”? I was like the same reason a successful person can give a seminar in front of thousands of people but less than 10% will actually apply what they learned to better their lives. Just because something is simple, doesn’t mean that it’s easy, and we all know people have a problem stepping out of their comfort zone! For this article I want to identify some traps that you may fall in that might be hindering you from reaching your fitness goals.

1) What’s Easy To Do, Is Easy Not To Do – I learned this concept from the great Jim Rohn, the king of personal development. Have you ever heard the phrase “common sense isn’t so common”? Have you ever wondered why this is true? It’s because when a task is so simple to do, it’s just as simple to procrastinate with it or merely forget about it all together. Think about this for a second. When something is very complicated, it requires a lot of thought, so one is going to invest way more effort and time in this task. Something as easy as taking 5 minutes to write your daily goals, can easily be pushed to the side until it’s forgotten about. To avoid this trap, one must really be intentional with setting daily goals and prioritizing what things are most essential and what are least productive. As the great saying goes, “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!”

2) Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is Scary – We as humans are creatues of habit. We tend to hold on to what’s comfortable to us, even with things that are holding us back. Change can be scary because we don’t know what lies ahead. Many people are afraid of dropping their unhealthy habits because they believe they’ll be uncomfortable. I hear all the time that “I can’t give up sweets, I’ll die without chocolate”, or “I gotta have cheese, I’ll give up anything else but dairy”. It’s almost as if they really believe they are going to suffer without these things in their life. I tell people all the time, if you want to start losing weight try giving up sweets, dairy, bread, and alcohol for 10 days and watch what happens. Simple right? Eat any type of meat you want, have some veggies with it, snack on some nuts, and drink water. I guarantee you’ll lose some weight by doing this. Does every one do it? NOPE. Like I said they don’t want to give up the habits they’re comfortable with to get what they want. To avoid this trap tell yourself how you will suffer if you don’t make changes. Learn to associate pain with unhealthy habits, and pleasure from healthier habits.

3) The Don’t Have A Strong Enough “Why” – Have you ever asked yourself why you wanted to reach a certain goal. Why do you want to lose 20 pounds? Why do you want to get faster? Why do you want to be rich? Most people don’t know why they really want these things. When I say why, I don’t mean some vague answer either. I’m talking about a strong enough reason that will pull you towards your goals. For example, a lot of people make changes to a healthier lifestyle when they get bad news from the doctor. Now, for most people, they’ve known for years they needed to take their health more seriously, but it took a scare from the doctor to motivate them to change. They now have a strong enough why. I have a client whose success story is phenomenal. He had some of unhealthiest habits one could have. Drank a lot, smoked, ate whatever food he wanted, never stuck with a routine, pretty much the definition of unhealthy. Once he had kids, his why changed. Now this guy is a machine. He never misses a workout, meal preps all his food, drinks water all day, and stopped smoking. What sparked the change? His children. His purpose was to be a great example to his kids, and that drove him to make the changes to transform his life. To avoid falling into this trap, you must make sure whenever you decide you want to do something that you sit down and really dig deep and find a deep reason to motivate you. Find a “why” that is so strong that it pulls you towards your goals.

Again getting the results you want are simple. Go to the gym 4 times a week, lift weights, do some interval cardio, eat meat and vegetables during the day, drink water, limit the alcohol, and have 1 cheat day a week. It’s not that complicated people, it really isn’t. For those needing more guidance and support email us at ingrainedtotrain@gmail.com

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Author: James Carter


Masters of Science – Exercise Science
NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
NASM – Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist
NASM – Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASE – Speed and Explosion Specialist

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