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Putting In Work Vs. Grinding

Putting In Work Vs. Grinding

Go to any social media platform and it’s guaranteed you’ll see someone posting something about grinding. Any time someone is working on something they refer to it as grinding. While most people are working very hard at what they do, they are not grinding. Years ago I posted a tweet about this on Twitter that got 50 retweets (at a time when I had like 100 followers) and feel the need to readdress this concept. For those of you haven’t read the tweet I posted it above. In today’s post I’m going to talk about how you’ll know the difference between grinding and working hard.


1) You’ll Be Obsessed – When someone is aggressively grinding towards a goal, it’s all they can think about it. It consumes them because they want it so badly. I think back to when I was playing football and all I could think about was ways I could get better. Football and training was on my mind 24-7. The tunnel vision was so serious, nothing could distract me. If you’re working hard towards a goal, you tend to take breaks, let off the gas from time to time. Those who are grinding towards something, won’t take a break. They feel any time off is a time where someone else is coming for what they’re working toward. If you’re distracted by anything when working towards a goal, then you’re not grinding.


2) You’ll Be Alone (at best have 1 or 2 people with you) – When you decide to hit that level of obsessive work ethic, expect to be alone. Most people will not take that step up with you. Some people are fortunate enough to have a partner or 2 grind with them but overall the extra mile will be a lonely one. When you’re grinding, that won’t matter to you! You’ll be so focused on what you want, you’re determined to get it whether people come with you or not. Over the years it was very difficult for me to find workout partners because people did not want to match my intensity when it came to training. When you’re grinding be prepared to do a lot of tasks by yourself.


3) You’ll Be Called Crazy  Again many people don’t understand what the grind is, so when they come across a person with that type of work ethic, they’ll call that person crazy. Since people really don’t understand the type of work ethic it takes to get to the elite level at anything, they think that person who is grinding is doing too much. People who work hard tend to get praised on the work that they are putting in. While the hard worker is putting in a lot of effort, more effort than the average person, they aren’t totally consumed by what they’re doing. This perception of work balance is admirable to most people. Grinders have no balance, they are 100% in on their action plan to reach their goals.


As you see, those who are grinding will often be misunderstood. That’s okay, there’s a reason why people who grind reach the elite levels. The only way to get to the top is to do the things other people won’t do. While there are many people who will work hard, very few will put the time and effort into the extra things that will separate them. While you’ll deal with disappointments, lonely nights, and criticism, the grind will reward you for your efforts. Then those who criticized you will be asking you how you did it.


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