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Destination Thinking – #1 Reason Why People Don’t Get Started

Destination Thinking – #1 Reason Why People Don’t Get Started

I’m always studying different books and videos about human behavior and motivation. Recently I came across a video that talked about the concept of Destination Thinking. I was intrigued by the title so I watched the video about it. The guy talking about it said it was this type of thinking the caused most people to fail. I disagreed with him on that, I believe it’s the number 1 reason why people never get started in the first place.


What is Destination Thinking? This is when you tell yourself you’ll get started on a task when something else happens (or is over with). For example, “I’ll start going to the gym again once my kids are back in school”. Another example is, “I’ll start a side business when I make more money at my job”. Essentially what you see here are people putting off things they should be doing until another circumstance allows them to do this. On the surface, it doesn’t seem that bad. Unfortunately, this is an awful way of thinking. When you put things off like this all your doing is teaching your subconscious mind to come up with reasons why you shouldn’t take action. Using the example with the kids going back to school, when the kids are back in school, this person will just find another reason why they can’t get back to the gym. This thinking becomes a habit, which results in a person never getting started.


I’ve been studying a lot of Tony Robbins work recently and he talks about 3 things people need to accomplish what they desire. They are the 3 s’ strategy, story, and state (listed least important to most important). Strategy isn’t most people’s issue any more since we live in an information era where you can get any answer you need by a click of a button. Most people get caught up in the story they tell themselves. Destination thinkers tell themselves the wrong story. They’re convinced that they can’t get started on something because something else needs to happen first. These people need to change the story they tell themselves in order to break this cycle. Their story needs to change to “I’m fully capable of getting this done and I’m starting today”. They need to make the decision to take action now and get started. Action is what breaks this cycle and these bad habits. A person who has been putting off going to the gym just needs to go, even if they don’t have a great workout, they need to just make the decision to go and make it happen. This is the first step is making the necessary changes. Don’t fall into the trap of putting things off until the “perfect” time because you’ll never get started. There’s never a perfect time. You just have to prioritize your day, then execute. It’s that simple.


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