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12 Weeks To Speed

12 Weeks To Speed

As a young athlete, I aspired to be the best. It was an obsession that many people didn’t understand. I would read any book or magazine, watch any film or ask any muscular guy at the gym for advice, if I thought I could learn from it. As a result, I did a lot of bad workouts. The good news; despite many bad workouts, I was able to pull out the principles that did work. Through the school of hard knocks I turned myself into one of the best athletes in the country. Now that I’m done with sports I spent the last few years just lifting weights and not competing in anything athletic. As I study this industry and work with young athlete I noticed a terrible trend. Online you find many “speed” trainers and videos from people who have no education or knowledge of how to develop speed. The other trend is coaches who have no strength and conditioning background requiring their athletes to do their speed and agility programs. This bothers me for several reasons. The biggest reason is, I was that young athlete who wanted to be elite so I know how frustrating it is to train really hard and see minimal results. Another reason I get upset, I see far too many athletes getting injured as a result of overuse injuries, developed from improper training methods (usually from coaches who feel the weight room and practice needs to be bootcamp). Eventually, I had enough and decided to get back in shape and document my journey to becoming fast. I want to educate those on what true sports performance and speed training really is. This content it totally free, just like us on Facebook or subscribe to our Youtube channel and you will see every exercise and workout I do over these 12 weeks. My hope is that this provides the proper insight on what it really takes to make an athlete the best athlete they can be.


This program will consist of:


1) Methods we use at Acceleration Naperville, as well as methods from Louie Simmons, Joe Defranco, Charlie Francis, Dr. Yessis, and Yuri V. Verkhoshansky.


2) Principle-driven exercises. No speed ladder (most misleading label ever), no running around cones chopping my feet really fast, no parachutes, no wide sole jump shoes, or any other gimmicky equipment.


3) A lot of emphasis on hamstring strength as well as rehabbing past injuries/addressing weaknesses.


4) Exercises designed to increase force production. Force production is what makes an athlete fast, not how quickly they move their feet.


Follow me over these 12 weeks so you can become the best, most explosive athlete you can be! If you know any athletes or coaches who can benefit from an increased knowledge in speed training, please share this article! Thanks Team I2T




James Carter


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