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Mental Toughness – The Top Trait You Need To Thrive in Today’s World

Mental Toughness – The Top Trait You Need To Thrive in Today’s World

Life is something else. Whenever things seem to be going great, life throws a curveball at us. At many times, the things that happen don’t seem fair. Bad things happen to good people, corrupt people seem to get away everything and the hard-working blue-collar dad can’t seem to catch a break. Over the years, I’ve studied the best self-help books, learned from the top life coaches and motivational speakers, and taken a great interest in the human mind. While there are many traits and principles that they all teach in their own unique way, many of them boil down to 1 trait, and that is mental toughness! In this article, I explain this some more and offer some tips on how you can improve your mental toughness.

If you haven’t realized it yet, most things we do in life will be 80% psychology with only 20% on the skill. Like I stated earlier, no matter how good you are at something you will be challenged. If you don’t have belief in yourself, a deep reason why you’re pursuing this, or the proper perspective on the situation, you will never thrive. Anytime something gets tough you’ll fold. Eric Thomas loves to call this phenomenal skill with average will. Most of those who are really successful tend to have average skill with phenomenal will. What he teaches is that those who make it to the top were those who were hungry and never gave up. They weren’t necessarily the best at their field but what they lacked in talent they made up with sickening work ethic. That’s how they got ahead.

Now more than you ever you need to be mentally tough. If not, you will be consumed. You will have a  poor outlook on life. You will waste time focusing on the wrong things. You will be fearful about pursuing your goals. The mind is powerful, but unfortunately most people are living on autopilot and don’t realize it. If you are not consciously doing things to get mentally stronger every day, then you’re falling behind. The world is not such a bad place. Bad things do happen but guess what, great things are happening as well! It’s your choice on what you focus on.

Here are some tips that will help improve your mental toughness so you can get ahead and crush all your goals.

1) Have A Strong Purpose/Vision – If you’ve read my posts in the past then you know I stress the importance of having a strong “why”. Think of the Navy Seals for example. They are probably the most mentally strong people in the world. These guys endure some of the most intense training a person can possibly endure. They go on the toughest military missions where they see and experience things most people couldn’t even imagine. How are these guys able to do this? In my opinion it boils down to them having a true purpose. Their mission to be a Navy Seal and serve is so strong they are able to push through when most people will quit. These guys purpose is so strong that they are not afraid to put their life on the line and die out there to serve the country. All mentally strong people have a strong purpose for what they are doing. If you don’t know your purpose, you’re holding yourself back from a lot of success.

2) Guard Their Mind – Mentally strong people cherish their mindset and are very careful what they expose themselves to. Remember the subconscious mind holds whatever you feed it, so if you’re day consists of fictional negative TV shows, media propaganda, and social media debates, you’re actually planting poisonous seeds in your mind. Strong people expose their minds to things that will fuel them. They read books, listen to motivational talks and podcasts, attend networking seminars, and look to understand others. They take each day to challenge their thinking and grow to another level. You will not live a positive life surrounded by negative people and thinking. I always challenge people to do this. For 1 week, cut off the TV. Instead of TV, read a chapter of a good inspiring book, go to the gym, and/or listen to some motivational seminars. If you do this you’ll notice a significant shift in how you feel and you’ll really question ever watching TV  again. I know when I challenged myself to do this after day 3, I cut my cable off and never had it since (this was 4 years ago).

3) They Are Grateful – Most people these days are selfish. They are out for what they can get and are envious of other people’s success. They are so negative that they overlook the blessings that they have daily. It’s almost as if people today look for things to complain about. Those who are mentally strong focus on the blessings they do have no matter how small. I remember when I was broke, jobless, living in my mom’s basement, one of the first things I started doing was finding things to become grateful about. I was grateful I had clothes on my back, a roof over my head, and food in my belly (even if it was just peanut butter sandwiches). I was grateful for a family who loves me, grateful I was able to attend a prestigious university. Every day I would give thanks to my blessings. Once I started doing that my life changed. One blessing after another began to present itself. It was an amazing transformation. I will admit though early on it was tough. After being negative for so long it really took a lot of conscious thought to stay grateful throughout the day. It was so worth it and an attitude of gratitude is one that I keep every day.

I hope this article really helps put things into perspective about being mentally tough and why it’s so important. If you apply these 3 tips, I guarantee you’ll see a mindset shift. Once the mindset shifts, your life will change. I know this from personal experience. If this article meant something to you feel free to share it with your friends by clicking the social media button below. Thanks Team I2T.

James Carter


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