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What If… 2 Words That Can Be Your Greatest Motivator

What If… 2 Words That Can Be Your Greatest Motivator

Change is scary. The uncertainty behind giving up something we’re familiar with for something new causes all types of thoughts to pop in our head. I’ve mentioned before how the human mind is programmed to think negatively. It’s our natural instinct to be skeptical when we come across new things. The mistake most people make is they never cross over and think about the positive side of the new situation. They say they’ll think about it but the tend to only weigh the negative side. The problem is, as they think about it, they come up with negative scenarios that usually will never happen causing paralysis by analysis. They usually lead these skeptical thoughts with the words “what if”.

What sparked the idea about this concept was a story about a rep in the company I distribute supplements for called Advocare. One of the highest earners shared his story about when he was introduced to the business opportunity. He asked the person who presented it to him “what if this doesn’t work”? Fair question and there’s nothing wrong about asking it. The guy who was presenting the opportunity replies “let me ask you, what if it does work?” This simple mind shift is what changed his decision and he wound up paying 80 dollars and giving the opportunity a chance. What happened? As he explains it, he went from a broke school teacher whose highlight of the day was coming home to a bottle of whiskey to living a life by design. He tripled his teaching salary in 9 months, was able to stop working full time, and now makes almost 100k per month! Now that you know the story let’s take a look at both sides.

What if it doesn’t work? He lost 80 dollars and is still in the same financial and life situation that he was already in. Not much loss there, in my opinion.

What if it does work? (which it did) Change his life forever, living a life of time and financial freedom most people dream of.

Moral of the story when you’re approached with a new opportunity or a chance to change your life for the better ask yourself questions like:

1) What if this does work out for me?

2) What if I don’t start doing something different today? (great question for those looking to start eating better and exercising)

3) What if things continue to stay this way? How will life be?

4) What if this opportunity was a vehicle to achieve the lifestyle you wanted?

The list goes on but I think you get my point. Never sell yourself short. Richard Branson, said it best, “when presented with an amazing oppotunity, even if you’re not sure, say Yes, then figure the rest out later”. I don’t know about you but when a highly successful person like that speaks, I listen.

James Carter


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