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3 Things You Must Learn From Athletes

3 Things You Must Learn From Athletes

Being a former college athlete and a current sports performance specialist, I’ve had the luxury to be around the best athletes in the country. A lot of times I would sit back in awe with what these guys could physically do. I would always study them and ask myself “what is it that makes these guys so special?” Is it genetics? Yes, in a lot of cases there is a genetic component to their freakish athletic talent, but even then genetics only go so far. Is it the coaching? That’s a big part, everyone, athlete or non-athlete who has achieved greatness had a mentor. There are many factors that lead to an elite athletes greatness and in this article I will talk about 3 things we can learn from them to apply to our lives.

1) By Any Means Necessary Mindset – The biggest thing I learned from the best athletes are their will to win at any cost. These guys hate losing so badly, they will give it everything they have to come out on top. They’re always looking for ways to come out on top. They never settle. When they are faced with challenges they choose to fight because their pride won’t let them lose. I deal with a wide variety of clients from athletes, to general fitness, and the weekend warrior, and what I find is that the most driven ones are the athletes. I had one athlete tell me he was willing to sell his Xbox so he can afford to train with me! This type of sacrifice is one that most non-athletes won’t make (even though arguably they need my help more). I’ll wrap my point up with this story about Kobe Bryant. I was listening to an interview with an executive of the LA Clippers, and he said he was on the phone with Kobe Bryant and Kobe had ESPN on the TV. While they were talking a clip of a young high school athlete was highlighted and Kobe really liked the move. He said Kobe in the middle of the conversation began to practice that move in his living room and did so for 15 minutes! If it’s any point you take from this post, grasp this concept of developing that burning desire to be the best at whatever it is you do!

2) Take Care of Their Body – It amazes me how so many people today value shoes, purses, cars, etc. over their own body. They place more priority on materials that will be replaced in a few months over their own health that they have to live with daily. Elite athletes understand that their body is their livelihood. Many of them hire personal chefs, nutritionists, personal masseuses, chiropractors, and strength coaches/trainers. They go all out to make sure their body is finely tuned machine. A buddy of mine who played 5 years in the NFL was so detailed with his meal plan, he would get blood work done daily, and that would determine what he ate for the day. As a society we need to start treating our bodies like this. We don’t have to go to the extreme of daily blood work, but we do need nourish our bodies with the right foods, strength train regularly, get regular adjustments, and massages. When you do this I promise you, your quality of life will increase significantly. You’ll feel better, look better, have more energy, and enjoy life a lot more. Take care of your body, you’ll have it longer than that pair of shoes.

3) Utilize Coaches – This one that is very overlooked. A lot of times people look at an elite athlete and think their greatness was all their talent. Yes the athlete does have to execute but all great athletes had a great coach. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant had Phil Jackson, Tom Brady has Bill Belichick, etc. Nobody reaches their full potential without the proper coaching. Coaches help steer the athlete in the right direction to allow their greatness to shine. Too many times in society people think they can accomplish things without help. People embark on new diets and exercise routines without the help of a professional. People will start a business without investing in a consultant. People will join a network marketing company and not follow the guidance of those who are mega successful on their team. This is a great way to fail! If the greatest, most talented athletes ever are hiring the best coaches, why do people think they don’t need help? New clients will tell me all the time how they’ve been working out really hard. Then they’ll train with me for the first time (a very basic workout by the way) and they’ll say “wow, I’ve never worked out like that before”. A better way to phrase that is “wow, I really didn’t know what I was doing!” Moral of the story don’t go about this journey alone, always get as much help as you can get. (I2T custom program/coaching)

As you’re following your stat tracker for your fantasy team or getting excited about playoff season, take a minute to appreciate the greatness that you’re following. These guys are great for a reason. If you apply the principles listed above that contributes to their greatness, you’ll see significant improvement in your lives. Remember, success leaves clues.

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– Jimmy Carter

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