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You Want The Result, but Do You Want The Lifestyle?

You Want The Result, but Do You Want The Lifestyle?

Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to see a person with the tight body, the expensive cars, appearing to be living life to the fullest. We are bombarded with these images on a daily basis. This portrayal makes it easy to want to experience these things. Who wouldn’t want to dance with the stars, playing with luxurious toys, with a fitness cover body without a care in the world? Well, I hate to tell you this, most of it is fake, and those who really have those type of results are one of the hardest working people you will meet. There is no free lunch if you want to experience life to the fullest and get the things you fantasize on social media about, be prepared to put in a lot of work.

I hear people all the time, especially the athletes I train say “they want to look like I look” or “be the athlete that I was”. I have to ask them are you sure? To get to where I’m at today, took work ethic and sacrifice that had many people close to me call me crazy. It took an obsessed work ethic, with years of failures, injuries, and setbacks to figure out what really works. While others were partying, I was perfecting my craft. While others ate what they wanted, I was strategic about what I put in my body. While others Netflix and chill, I go to bed to recover for the next day. Are you willing to do these things? This is the conversation I have to have with them. You can’t get the result without the lifestyle habits and most people don’t want to go through that struggle. They want to “win the lottery” so to speak. Marketers know this which is why you see the terrible “lose weight fast” workout programs, some gimmicky gadgets, or some weight loss tea to give people false hope in the ridiculously fast results.

I really wish, the mega successful people shared more of the daily grind the go through daily, rather than the 1-2 hours a week they may party or go to a ball game. I wish people would understand that success before work only happens in the dictionary and embrace the grind. People need to realize there is no shortcut to success, input equals output, and to get those goals you say you want, tell yourself want the lifestyle that accompanies those goals. If you aren’t willing to do that, at best you’ll get away with faking it on social media but you’ll never reach your goals without the lifestyle. Don’t fall into that trap, write your goals down, and decide what you are willing to put into action to reach them, then get to work!

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