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Become Ingrained

Anybody that has created great success had a coach or mentor guiding them along the way. Having a life coach can literally transform your life.

This sounds like a bold statement, and it’s true.

Many people become victims of their own minds. What I mean is that we suppress stuff that we dislike, engage in negative self-talk, and base our decisions based on our current knowledge and perspectives. Unfortunately, this is why many people never reach their goals. These people never overcome these self-defeating thoughts to take the necessary actions to get what they truly desire.

Having a coach can help you identify these self-defeating thoughts, shift your perspective, and come up with an action plan that will build your confidence and get you working towards your goals. Many people choose to go about their goals alone and many learn from the school of hard knocks, failing many times, wasting valuable time they will never get back. Wouldn’t you like to receive the right information needed, customized for you to reach your fitness, health, and/or athletic goals, without the headache of trying to figure it out yourself? That’s why you’re here, aren’t you? Because you want better results than you currently have, ingraining these habits into your lifestyle, that’s what I help you with.

Now it’s also critical that your life coach fits your needs. Become Ingrained is a lifestyle coaching program designed to meet your individual goals and needs. This in-depth coaching will use technology (phone and internet) to make sure we are consistent communication to ensure you’re working towards your goals.

This program will consist of the following:

  • 4 Weeks Custom Workout Program
  • Customised Meal Plan
  • Daily Texts Messages (or emails)
  • Weekly 30-minute consultation calls or video sessions
  • Video and Worksheets designed to teach you the mindset necessary to shift your thinking and reach your goals

The online life coaching process works exactly the same as the face to face sessions.

If you’re ready to begin now and start living a healthier lifestyle, then let’s start with a free initial consultation. Just fill out the form on your right or click on the contact me link and my assistant will contact you to setup everything up.

– James Carter