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I2T 30-Day Program

About This Project


The problem with a lot of the athletic performance programs you’ll find online is that they don’t take into consideration YOUR specific definciencies and needs.  Don’t just start a free online workout plan that was created for the masses to drive traffic to a site. Tell me exactly what you want to accomplish, and I’ll make the perfect plan to get you there.  I’ll build a plan that will make you a stronger, more explosive athlete to compete at the highest level in any sport. Here are the simple steps you need to take:




1. Fill in the questionnaire below and click submit. 

2. Click the PayPal button to submit a one time payment of $99.99

3. Once we receive your questionnaire and payment, we will build a 30 day workout for you and send you the plan within 24 hours (along with my personal cell phone number).

We look forward to you being part of Team I2T!

**We can create at home workouts, however, for optimal results we recommend access to a weight room**

Your Full Name: Your Email Address:

1. Goals: What are your fitness goals? (Examples: fat loss, strength, power, muscular endurance, cardio fitness, sports performance, core strength)

2. Why do you want to achieve these goals? (Examples: general health, injury prevention/rehab, sport – specific training, aesthetic reasons)

3. What areas do you want to concentrate on or emphasize? (i.e. specific areas to strengthen, joint stability, cardio or core conditioning)

Fitness History

4. How long has it been since you have exercised regularly? (3 or more times/week).

5. Do you have experience with free weights? If yes, what type of program? (power lifting, sports specific, body building, general lifting)

6. What type of cardiovascular exercise are you familiar with?

7. If you are experienced at working out or are a former/current athlete, what exactly is your current program?

8. Are there any exercises that are contraindicated or not recommended by your physician or physical therapist?

9. How would you describe your level of daily activities? Please check one.

10. How many days a week can you commit to an exercise program?

11. Do you have any special considerations or requests?

30 Day Program