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MomI’m happy to highlight one of the first participants of I2T’s programs, Keri DeJulio. She came to me looking for some workouts that were different and would have her looking and feeling better. She fell in love right away, and attacked every program with 100% effort. I’m excited to see her progress and know that she’s an inspiration to many looking to make a lasting and positive change. Check out her story below!

In 2014, my world was turned a bit upsides down. To suffice for my loneliness, I would go out to eat and not worry about what I was eating. Thus, hamburgers, ice cream, French fries… At home I would snack (A LOT). I had put on a few pounds and found even my bigger sizes (we all have them) were needing spanx!

I had always been fairly active but even that had stopped. Television and snacks were my new activity. I started going to a local gym class but it was not fun. I was dreading every time I had to go.

I can’t remember what month, but I think I was one of #ingrained2trains first clients. I couldn’t wait to start the program. My first evening I went I found the routine to be fitted, not only to my needs, but to my personality. In and out! No monkey business. Within a few weeks I started seeing results in my clothes, and that was my goal, but the BEST part is when someone else notices. I do ballroom dancing, and last week I went to an event wearing a sleeveless top. My arms are not tan and I was a little reluctant to take my jacket off but it was too warm to leave it on. My best friend had not seen my arms since summer and she is very honest and outspoken. She looked at me and said; “Oh my gosh! What are you doing, your arms look great!” Wow! I hadn’t even realized myself. Then about a week ago, on a Wed. night service at church I had worn my gym clothes so I could stop at the gym on the way home. I put a full length pant on over my shorter workout pants and felt a little chubby. The next morning I had an e-mail from my friend who asked me where I was working out. She had been sitting behind me and said I looked so firm and fit! I am a mom and a grandma. These compliments are more than I had anticipated!

Thank you Jimmy Carter for helping me to be successful.

matt-gThis week’s I2T inductee is one that I’m very excited and honored to present. Matt Gould is one of my favorite people in life. He’s a young guy who is wise beyond his years. I first met Matt when he was a sophomore training at our facility, Acceleration Sports Performance, in Naperville. The first thing I noticed was that he had a strong work ethic. He never missed a training session and always gave 100% effort. I could see in his eyes that he really wanted to play college baseball. As time went on I noticed that he was unfairly being overlooked by college scouts. After making the decision to play small college baseball in hopes of getting looked at by bigger schools, Matt reached out to me for a heart to heart talk. Over lunch we sat down and I told him my story about changing my life through positive thinking and some lessons I’ve learned from books like the Secret. I told him no matter how bad things seem, what circumstances are, you must see your vision and stay positive. I told him if you can stay positive towards your goal, the world in unexpected ways will align to get you what you desire. What was the result? I’ll let him tell you….

“For as long as I can remember I have been working towards achieving my ultimate goal of playing baseball at Division 1 school. While playing at that level was not the end all be all for my baseball career, it had been my mission to work as hard as I possibly could to reach that goal. During high school a lot of kids played multiple sports while I decided early on that baseball is what I love, and I would do whatever it takes to get where I wanted to be. For me that meant starting to train at Acceleration. Acceleration was a life changing experience for me. My freshman year it was pretty up in the air as to what level I could play at. After my Sophomore year ended I had gotten way more athletic, and become a better baseball player overall, I felt like my goal was within reach. Entering my junior year not only did I not have any Division 1 interests, I had no interests from schools at any level, however this did not stop me. I kept pushing through working towards my ultimate goal. In the fall of my senior year I felt like I was completely over looked. My only scholarship offer was from Division 3 Illinois Wesleyan University. I knew how far I had come over the years and knew that I was getting overlooked by all of these big schools. I ended up deciding to play at a junior college called Jefferson College in Hillsboro Missouri. The program had a rich history of winning, and sending kids to a lot of big schools. Although I never gave up on the dream, it was pretty discouraging to not get the attention of a single big school, and with junior college ahead of me, I knew I had to be mentally tougher in order to reach my goal. I sat down with Jimmy before I left and talked about always staying positive, and never letting that doubt creep in and bring me down. When I got to school it was different from any expectation I had. I felt like I had struggled all fall to establish myself in front of a ton of big time programs. I have always been hard on myself but this was the lowest I had ever felt in my life. While trying to remain positive I found myself discouraged, but I never stopped working. On the verge of leaving school, and attempting to walk on at a big school, I received a call from the coach at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The coach had seen me play and liked what he saw. They offered me a scholarship, and flew me down to take an official visit. I accepted to offer and signed with UNCG, finally achieving the goal that I had worked towards all of my life. I was ecstatic. This just goes to show that the key to truly achieving your goal is busting your ass day in and day out, while continuing to remain positive. After being overlooked for so long I had finally gotten what I had been searching for, but it will not stop there. I will continue to get after it every day the way I always have, and when I get to UNCG, the MLB Draft is the next stop in my journey. I hope to one day get drafted after my college career comes to a close. I plan on continuing to work hard and play ball until they have to rip the jersey off of my back, because I love this game and there is nothing else I would rather do.”

– Matt Gould, Chicago, IL

StanMy newest I2T HOF inductee is Stan Robinson. I met Stan several months ago at X-Sport Fitness. He and group of 3 other people would workout every Saturday morning. I noticed that they never missed a workout and were getting some solid workouts in. The guy leading the workouts was a former Division 1 college basketball player who seemed to be in really good shape. One Saturday I was chatting with Stan between sets and he told me his weight loss story. I was very impressed with how much weight he lost. He told me that he was excited about losing the weight but felt tired and drained all the time. I told him that’s common with most weight loss program and I can show him a way to keep losing weight and feel better at the same time. He took my word for it. We made some changes to his approach, did Advocare’s 24-day challenge, started hitting the weight room multiple times a week and now he looks better and feels better than ever before. He told me he hasn’t felt this energized in over 20 years. Check out his story below.

“My Journey back to Good Health. My story is not at all unusual to many other American males. I’m an African American Male, age 60. I’m 6’2 and currently weighing in at 228 lbs. My journey back to good health started back 14 months ago when I went to my doctor to get my semi-annual physical. I did the usual blood work and waited about 2 weeks to meet with the doctor to get the results. I figured I was healthy and would be on my way. To my surprise, my doc starting asking me about my diet and said my blood pressure was out of control. He told me that my cholesterol was way over 200, in fact, It was about 246. With high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, I was in trouble. He also informed me that my sugar was out of control and that if I did not lose at least 20 pounds that I would become a type 2 Dietetic. I’m a healthcare professional and one of my shortcomings is that I’m afraid of needles. And now my doctor was telling me that I might have to give myself shots so I could survive. So finding out this information, I set out to get healthy. I first joined an organization called FA (Food Addiction anonymous) where I changed my eating habits. With this program, I eliminated all the flour and sugar items out of my diet. With this I lost on an average, about 7 to 14 pounds per month. After joining this group, I then set out to find a trainer to help me get in the gym. I met 2 really cool guys. David, who works out with me and 3 other people every Sat and Sun at X-sport, started my physical fitness program, and about 8 months later, I met Jimmy (James Carter). With Jimmy, he introduced me to Advocare products and put me on a very strict exercise routine. He informed me that I needed to be in the gym, not less than 4 days per week. So with the combination of David and Jimmy, I now work out 6 days per week. Between these two programs I have lost over 68 pounds in 13 months and still losing! I’ve gone from a size 54 suit to a size 46! I’ve gone from a size 44 pant to a size 36! And my doctor has said to me that I am in the best physical shape that I’ve been in since he has been my doctor (13 years). Without these two programs and these two amazing guys, I’d be giving myself needle injections and weighing more than 300 lbs. I can also tell you that my 24-year-old son watched me lose this weight (and I was concerned about his weight). He has now lost over 60 lbs since January 2015!”

– Stan Robinson – Oswego, IL

Bill-MitchellI’ve known Bill for about a year now. I met Bill at work at Acceleration Sports Performance during his last year of college football. Bill has always been one of my favorite people to work out with. He’s a blue collar, get your hands dirty type of guy. After football he told me he was going to get back into MMA and needed to cut some weight. With a solid workout program at Acceleration combined with the diet plan that I gave Bill, he lost a significant amount of weight and maintained his strength! His story goes to show what you can do when you have a great program and a solid support system guiding you along the way!

I first met Jimmy when I started training at Acceleration while preparing for my senior season of football at North Central College. He played a huge role in helping me maintain a healthy weight while staying fast and explosive. I played football at about 250 pounds and after the season I was making a major transition from playing football to pursuing a professional fight career in Mixed Martial Arts. I knew that the biggest challenge was going to be the weight cut, since I would fight professionally at 185 pounds. I asked Jimmy what I needed to do with nutrition and my diet. By following Jimmy’s plan and advice, I went from weighing 250 pounds down to 210 pounds by the end of March, which was my target weight to start training MMA again. Not only did I lose the weight that I needed to lose, but I was able to keep a majority of my muscle and strength. Maintaining the strength is a big deal and great accomplishment due to the sport that I am transitioning to. I cannot thank Jimmy enough for his help!

Bill Mitchell

Jonny-DI’m pumped to induct into the I2T HOF my brother from another mother, Jon DeJulio! We met my freshman year of college at football practice and we were boys right away! He was my first consistent workout partner I had in college, and the only person willing to do the craziness I said we should do to get better without complaining! Jon has always done what I’ve asked without hesitation and his results show it!  He’s proof of what happens when you give 100% effort, trust the process, and stay committed to the grind!

The before photo was taken in February and the after photo was shot in August. 8 months of work. This came after spending about 10 months recovering from an L4/L5 disc protrusion that required epidural cortisone injections. I didn’t know what I was going to do to safely get myself back into the weight room. Thankfully, I’ve been best friends with James ever since we played wide receiver at Greenville College in southern Illinois. From the moment I met him I knew we’d get along great. His work ethic is unmatched and contagious. He’s one of the few men I know that’s willing to pay the price for greatness, no matter the cost. James was able to tailor a program for me that focused on getting my strength where it needed to be prior to getting me into the heavy movements (squats, deadlifts, etc) needed to get the most out of my workouts. I didn’t really think I’d ever be able to do these power type lifts again, but James was able to help reengineer my movements to properly perform the lifts pain-free and safely. I never questioned his plan for me. If he told me to cut carbs, I cut carbs. If he told me to only eat sugar immediately after a workout, I only ate sugar immediately after a workout (fortunately he’s nice enough to build in cheat days for me, too!). If I started to feel like my progress began plateauing a bit, he reformulated our approach to keep the progress coming. If a certain movement caused pain outside of what the intended lift was supposed to be, then he altered the movements for me. I didn’t know how having an “online” trainer would work, but James makes it easy for me. He reaches out to me to check-in on workouts, and I reach out to him when I have questions. I’ve worked with other trainers at gyms in the past that I now realize had no idea what they were doing when compared to James. Most trainers seemed to have a universal approach with their clients. James has a clear understanding that every person responds different and for that reason, they need a custom program to meet their goals. I’d recommend James to anyone. Not only are you getting the best trainer in the business, but you’ll be getting a great man in your life.

Jon DeJulio, Madison, WI

Sam Franklin

hafl-of-fameI’m really excited for this week’s I2T Hall of Fame inductee, Sam Franklin. I met Sam 3 years ago at Acceleration Sports Performance. After getting to know Sam I saw him as a hard working athlete with a lot heart and love for the game of basketball. He reminds me of myself when I played football. Had a lot of potential and drive, but also had some sort of freak injury. After Sam’s last injury he reached out to me and told me he lost all of his explosiveness. I told him to just get healthy and we’ll get him back and even better! He believed in what I said, invested in himself, and we made significant progress this summer! Read his story to hear how he bounced back from a season ending injury to being the most athletic he’s ever been!

I have been training with Jimmy for 3 years now. In September of 2014 during preseason conditioning for basketball I cut the wrong way and strained my patellar tendon. I was out until January rehabbing in physical therapy. I could barely touch the bottom of rim and couldn’t even bench 190 pounds when I came back. I worked with Jimmy all summer and took my athleticism to all new levels for me. We worked tirelessly 3 days a week and at the end I shattered my personal records for everything. I ended the summer adding on 7 pounds of muscle. I now max bench 285 pounds squat 475 pounds and put 9 inches on my vertical. I have gone from barely touching the rim to being able to dunk and getting more than my wrist over the rim. We worked hard, smart, and consistently throughout the entire summer and I haven’t been this healthy in years. I’ve never been stronger or more athletic. I can’t thank Jimmy enough for getting me ready for my college basketball season. I am in an excellent position to play a lot of minutes this season to be able to transfer to a 4 year university to play basketball after this season at junior college.  Not only that has he impacted my athleticism, but I also learned a lot through our conversations as I am majoring in exercise science to become a strength and conditioning coach myself, and jimmy has done what I want to do already. He has been an amazing trainer and mentor.  I am proud to say I am truly Ingrained2Train.

– Sam Franklin

Christien Cain, Naperville, IL

Christien-CaneI have a really high standard when it comes to working out, so it takes a special talent to really get my attention. This week’s I2T inductee, Christien Cain, is one of those people. I first noticed her deadlifting at the gym with flawless technique. I approached her and asked if she was a competitive powerlifter and she told me no, but liked doing powerlifts for her workouts. As time went on, I noticed that whenever I was at the gym (I’m there bright and early) she was at the gym, getting after it. I knew she was the real deal when I saw her doing Zercher squats one day. If you don’t know what that is, look it up on youtube. It’s the most painful squat variation that I’ve ever done and something you rarely see outside of powerlifting. She’s a perfect example of how I coach my female clients to train in regard to mindset. She’s consistent, she hits the weights hard, works with the compound lifts, and her results show it. Read her inspiring story, I feel it will motivate you to take your training to another level.

“I have been overweight my entire life.  From elementary school through my freshman year of high school I was bigger than the other kids.  By the time I got into 8th grade, I hit the 200lb mark and was devastated.  Once I got into my sophomore year of high school, I decided I wasn’t going to be overweight anymore; however, I went about it all wrong.  I struggle with anorexia throughout the remainder of my high school career.  My family and teachers were concerned but I didn’t care.  I wanted to be skinny.  After graduating from high school and beginning college, I was able to put an end to the battle with anorexia and once I did the weight gradually began to creep back up until I hit 200lbs again in my fourth year of college.  Again, I was devastated and was suffering from depression.  I didn’t care anymore.  I began to party and drink heavily and figured I would just always be overweight.

Upon graduating college, I began trying to get my life in order.  I got a gym membership and would take all the aerobics classes do as much cardio as I could in a week.  My eating habits were still pretty terrible though so I had lackluster results from all my work in the gym.  At 26, I became pregnant with my daughter.  My weight went up to 250lbs by the end of the pregnancy and resulted in a C-Section.  I was so excited for the birth of my daughter but was equally depressed when I looked at myself in the mirror.  After having my daughter, I weighed in at 230lbs and wore a size 16/18.  I decided I was going to change and be healthier so I could be a positive role model for my daughter.  I wanted to be able to teach her healthy habits so she never had to go through the feelings of inadequacy that her mother did.  I joined Weight Watchers and lost 80lbs in the first year.  My love for fitness grew from there.  I began doing exercise programs like P90X, Insanity, Asylum and then became interested in body building.

Since becoming interested in fitness and following a well-rounded meal plan, I have been able to maintain a healthy bodyweight and build muscle while watching my body-fat percentage drop.  I became a Certified Personal Trainer and enjoy helping others get the information and tools they need in order to reach their goals.  I know how it feels to be depressed and unhappy because of poor body image.  If I can help people feel better and feel good about themselves, it makes everything I’ve gone through worth it.”

Christien Cain, Naperville Illinois

Terrance Jackson, Columbia, MO

TerranceI’m excited to induct one of my best friends and one of the few people who could keep up with me in the weight room, Terrance Jackson. I met Terrance in college at the University of Illinois, where we both walked on to their football team. We clicked right away and have been really great friends ever since. We both shared the same passion for training and pursuing pro football, grinding out multiple workouts a day, every day. After college, Terrance got out of the habit of training at a high intensity and put on a lot of weight. Although he lives in another state, he lives near my parents so every time I visit my parents, we meet up and work out just like the old days. Once he saw the results I got with the low carb lifestyle, that fire he had when we were in college came back, and he’s made an amazing transformation, looking even leaner now than he did when played football. His story goes to show, just because you get off track, doesn’t mean you can’t get back on and go even further.

“I have been an athlete most of my life and football was my passion. I had the opportunity to play Division 1 football at the University of Illinois and I was an avid fitness enthusiast. Unfortunately, once college was over and the responsibilities of being an adult set in, fitness became less of a priority. No more scheduled workouts and meals, no more coaches yelling at you telling you one more rep. I ate whatever I wanted and only worked out on occasion. I thought by simply paying a monthly membership to a gym would some how buy my way into shape. Going to the gym was more of a social event than anything, most people I see would meet and greet each other talk about the weekend or sports with very little working out actually being done. I believe I somehow lost my way. I lost my sense of purpose for working out. In college I worked out with the intentions on becoming a bigger, faster, stronger football player. After that was over I felt like I had no reason to exercise. I was no longer competing against anyone or anything and I lost all motivation to eat healthy or workout. My friend, James Carter, told me about the low carb diet lifestyle. I tried it for a few days my body craved the carbs and sugars that it was being deprived of and I quickly dismissed the diet as being something way too hard for me to maintain. Until one day James was in my neck of the woods and we worked out together. He had been eating low carbs for several months prior to me seeing him and the results were just astonishing. He was so ripped jacked and vascular. He even looked better than when he played college football, which I thought was impossible to do. That lit the competitive fire inside me and I haven’t looked back since. I started at 6’2 265lbs and 30% body fat. 6 months later I now weigh 211 lbs at 14% body fat. I’m still not at my goal of under 10% body fat, but I am confident that I will achieve that goal this year. I now feel a purpose for living a healthy lifestyle and my fitness journey has just begun.”

– Terrance Jackson, Columbia Missouri

Nathan Given, Naperville Illinois

I’m excited to introduce this week’s I2T Hall of Fame Inductee, Nathan Given. I met Nate at work at Acceleration Napervile. I can honestly say he’s one of the hardest working athletes I’ve ever seen. Not only does he not take days off, he doesn’t take a rep off, giving full effort every single time. He has an amazing personality that brings a positive energy to the gym. On top of that he’s very coachable and will do whatever you ask him to do. His story is a great one about how hard work always pays off and beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. If you want to see the type of work ethic this young man has, read his story below and check out his training video!

<iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/eVmTXCkbGz0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Nate2Lets start with freshman year; I came into high school not knowing anyone because I went to a private school my whole life, everything was new to me, the people, the coaches, the competition. When baseball tryouts came around I was slightly nervous not only because of the kids on the team who I weren’t friends with and the coach was loud and “mean” (at least that’s what I thought at the time). I let him win, I started the first game on the Freshman A team batting second in the lineup playing center field. The coach clearly saw the athleticism from me and saw what I was capable of. Unfortunately, when the season started I didn’t show him this because I had an awful first game. I let the pressure from him, along with my teammates ruin me and within a couple of weeks I moved down to freshman B team where I spent the remainder of my season. Next year I tried out again and made it, putting everything in the past behind me thinking that all the work I had put in the off-season would help me make the starting lineup. But unfortunately it did not. He sat me the entire year, holding my past against me. I only had one chance at the end of the year when our starting catcher had broken his thumb. I started the last 2 games of the year behind the plate but he didn’t even let me hit. I did excellent those two games and called great games along with being extremely athletic behind the plate blocking everything, and controlling the field. After these last two games I realized the potential within myself and decided it would be the best decision for me to take off  my junior season, train with Acceleration Naperville every single day to get bigger, faster, and stronger, and attend as many showcases as possible to get my name out. I practiced outside Acceleration Naperville with my father who transformed me from a catcher to an outfielder, and at showcases I performed at both positions. Throughout my junior year I accomplished exactly what I had hoped for. I got my name out to many coaches at all college levels. At showcases i had gained 5 miles per hour on my throws (79-84 mph) and decreased my poptime by half a second (2.4-1.9 sec.) and dropped my 60 yard dash time by .7 seconds running a 6.83 -60 yard dash. The summer of my junior year, I made a training video to promote myself and make an attempt at getting started with the college commitment process. With the video I used Acceleration Naperville’s training facilities and some of the things they had taught me. As a result the video gained the interest of all the coaches I had sent it too, and even gave me walk on opportunities at the division 1 level. When senior year had come along I was already committed to play baseball at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. My high school coach was extremely impressed because I was the only guy on the team to be committed already. I made the team with ease but he told me I wouldn’t be playing a lot because I didn’t play the prior year. With that I continued to work even harder in and out of practice and started the first game in left field batting second in the lineup. I did excellent the first 10 games batting above 400, but then I started to have a relapse of freshman year and created all this pressure around me. I continued to focus on my physical abilities, but then I put my main focus on the mental aspect of the game, I talked with Jimmy Carter from acceleration and got my mind right. I started to believe in myself and turned my season back around by getting my starting spot back on the team and eventually got right back to the second spot in the lineup and ended the last 10 games batting above 400. At the end of the year I received the “all academic all conference award” . I continue to work hard day in and day out and am now mentally and physically prepared for the next level thanks to my family and all the great people at Acceleration Naperville.

Nathan Given – Naperville Illinois

Marquice Cole, Hazel Crest Illinois

MC2This week I’m excited to highlight a good friend of mine and former NFL cornerback, Marquice Cole. We’ve been friends since we were kids, spending most of our days playing football in the field behind my house. Marquice was always a special athlete with legendary speed and athleticism that many would die for. What many people don’t know is that behind the freakish athleticism is a story of perseverance and overcoming the odds that got him into the NFL. I witnessed it first hand and let me tell you it was not easy by any means, and he could’ve easily quit pursuing his dream. Despite his freakish athletic ability, the NFL did not roll out a red carpet and welcome him with open arms. It was a grind, one most people would’ve given up on. Read his story on how he overcame the odds to have an extensive NFL career and now going to share his experiences coaching Hillcrest High School football and turn it back into a winning program, like it was when we played there.

“After my junior season at Northwestern University I was tied for first place in the Big 10 in interceptions and was voted all Big 10. At the time, I was a projected 2nd-3rd round pick, so I opted to come back for my senior season, hoping to improve my draft stock. Prior to the season, I lost my head coach, Randy Walker, to a heart attack and this affected me dearly. Also during the season, I battled a hamstring injury most of the year which sidelined me towards the end. Despite running an unofficial 4.27 (an official 4.31) 40 yard dash and testing off the charts in every category, my stock still fell, and I went undrafted to the Oakland Raiders. Wanting to prove I belonged, I made sure I put it all out there, consistently grading out as the top performer at corner back every preseason game. Despite this, I was released and devastated. I had workouts with a few teams after that, but nothing happened until week 14 when the Tennessee Titans signed me to their practice squad. During the off season I made it to every off season activity and once again put it all out on the field, including a game saving tackle where I chased a breakaway runner down from behind and caught him at the goal line. Again I was released and this time I took it really hard. I called my mentor and former coach Earnest Sutton and said that I can’t take this anymore and that I was going to hang it up. He spoke life into my career and told me not to give up. This was tough for me considering my son was recently born and now I had a family to take care of. After several weeks of not being signed, I eventually landed on the New Orleans Saints practice squad towards the end of that season. Once the season ended they didn’t resign me, but I was able to sign with the New York Jets. I was told that I had a slim chance of making the team because they were stacked with corner backs. Fortunately for me, during off season workouts and camp, some guys in front of me went down with injuries and I got to run with the second string defense. Every day I had at least 1 interception. I performed so well that despite not wanting to keep an extra corner back, they signed me to the active roster! I played for 6 seasons after that and finished my career playing in the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos. I am now the head football coach of Hillcrest High School and I’m excited to lead these young men into battle and rebuild the program. I’m confident my experience will motivate these young men to keep fighting and never give up, just like I did. Just keep in mind, if you really want something bad enough, you have to keep fighting, no matter how bad the struggle or the pain, because if you quit, you’ll never get there!”

– Marquice Cole

Toni Hines

I met this weeks’ I2T HOF inductee, Toni, at Eric Thomas’ seminar in Chicago and her story was phenomenal. With very unhealthy habits she decided to make a change and she executed! Most people talk about making changes, but she dug deep inside and made the sacrifices and necessary changes to better her health and be example to those around her! Read her story beneath the picture.


Before I started to live a healthy lifestyle I was 298 lbs in March 2014. I hated sweating, work outs weren’t anything I considered and I didn’t take much of any body pictures. Things began to really hit me when I couldn’t get into clothes I just bought 1-2 months ago. I knew I was on the wrong path eating at Buffalo Wild Wings, Roosters, Wendy’s, iHop and etc. I found a lot of comfort in food, whether I was happy or sad. I gave myself ever reason to go out to eat. If at home, I would cook the same high fat dishes. Stretch marks coming every where, parts of my body I never thought would get so big and my family dieting from diet issues. I realized I couldn’t live like this anymore. So it started with taking beef, pork and dairy  out of my diet to baking only fish & chicken. Eating more greens and etc. I was recommended some food documentaries as Forks Over Knives, FedUp, and Hungry For A Change . It honestly changed my perspective on food. My motivation to work out came from me listening to Eric Thomas consistently during workouts. Especially with his mixtapes. I started out doing a lot of cardio (walking, jogging, bicycle) When I reached 225 lbs, I started my job at Lululemon , which has taken my fitness to the next level with yoga, boot camp, zumba, etc. Now being 210 lbs Jun 2015 (88 lbs lost in 14 months!), my diet consist of a plant based diet (veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds). I’m on my journey to becoming a raw vegan, one step at a time. My goal is to build more muscle, have a flat stomach (eventually abs) and continue to be the healthiest person I can be.

❤ Toni

Katie Dusell

Katie-DussellI am proud to induct Katie Dusell into the I2T HOF. Katie reached out to me a few months ago looking to make some changes to her lifestyle. Making the changes weren’t easy for her. She definitely grinded out. Her journey can be described as perseverance. She never quit and kept pushing. She’s now stronger than ever and making very nice progress. She’s amazing to work with, and I’m excited for her future gains because they will be great!

I started this fitness journey because I wasn’t happy with how I looked, how my clothes fit, and my overall energy for life. I had literally tried everything under the sun to try and help myself lose weight.  At times, I would lose it temporarily, and then fall off the wagon and gain it all back. I noticed the results a friend was having with Jimmy and I decided I wanted to try.  After not sticking completely to what he was telling me and not seeing results because of it, I decided I was going to put in 100% effort, and that’s when I started seeing results!  I’m now working towards leaning out and putting on more muscle to help myself be more confident.  This has even grown from just a confidence builder to a “let me see how much weight I can lift” journey!

– Katie Dusell

Scott Fornek

Scott-Fornek2This week’s I2T Hall of Fame induction touches my heart. This week we are highlighting Scott Fornek. It’s amazes me when I hear about people who battle back from cancer and bounce back stronger than ever. This was my first experience working with a fighter like this. Scott shared this story with me when I first met him and he made a commitment to doing a tough mudder race. I threw the book at Scott and he handled all the workouts very well, nothing phased this guy. He’s a fighter and I see how he was able to kick cancers ass and prove to everyone he would bounce back! Read his incredible story below!

So my cancer story begins in the spring of 2010 when I was a sophomore at Indiana University (age 20). I kept getting “sinus infections” that would not improve over about a 3 month span. I finally saw an ENT doctor who advised me to have my tonsils removed since they were so big they were obstructing my ability to breathe. When they were removed, a biopsy revealed that they found malignant cancer cells, soon to be diagnosed as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Because I was passionate about fitness and being active, my physical health was always something I felt I had complete control over and could count on when other things in life went wrong, so to have it all taken away from me was devastating.

My fight included almost 3 and a half years of chemotherapy, radiation, and about 25 spinal taps and bone marrow aspirations. My “rock bottom” was probably when I got a bad stomach virus while on a round of chemo causing me to lose about 55 pounds and nearly all my strength. I had a very hard time walking up a simple set of stairs or standing in the shower on my own. I was very lucky to have a strong support system of friends and family around me, and it was for them that I promised never to give up and just take one day at a time.

As I neared the end of undergoing treatment and being declared cancer-free, I always had the desire to take on some big physical challenge to prove to myself and others that it is possible to come back from cancer a stronger and better human being. Once I discovered the Tough Mudder, I knew that was the perfect race as toughness is exactly what those battling cancer epitomize. I was able to gain back a good amount of strength, but I felt I needed some guidance and more specialized training, and that’s when I reached out to Acceleration and got the chance to work with Jimmy. After 12 weeks of training with Jimmy and getting into Tough Mudder shape, the race was a huge success and one of the most empowering experiences of my life. It has made me believe that I can do things I never thought to be possible. For the future, my goal is to compete in a Spartan “Beast” race and after that to complete my first marathon.

– Scott Fornek

Alex James

A-James2I am excited to induct one of the athletes I work with into the I2T Hall of Fame. When I first met Alex, he had just suffered a severe ankle injury. Having suffered a broken ankle myself, I told him the steps I took to cut the recovery time in half. He listened to my advice and amazed his doctors with how quickly his ankle healed. Despite the injury, he never missed a training session and was determined not to give up sports. Once recovered, he took up rowing, a sport he’s never done before. He quickly excelled at it and was offered full scholarships from many big time colleges. I’m really proud of this kid, and his story just goes to show, when one door closes,  there’s an even better door about to open. Read his story because he really did turn tragedy into triumph!

“I started my freshmen year in high school at 110 pounds. Dead set on being a football star, I started seriously training.  In one summer I gained 60 pounds, and gained another ten during the year. I tried my best but still was only able to get second string in football. Frustrated, I tried rugby and of course during the last game of the season I shattered my right ankle. The same ankle I broke twice before. I was devastated and the doctor told me if I broke it again I would never walk straight. That was the end of my contact sport career, but I couldn’t stop playing sports. When I first was injured the doctor tried to say I would be down for 6 months. At the gym I train at, Acceleration Sports Performance, I met Jimmy who was new at the time and he gave me some advice to recovery from my injury faster. I went to the gym, crutches and all. I lifted and ran with my one good leg (while being pointed and laughed at), gave up caffeine, pain medication, and ate a lot of green vegetables like Jimmy suggested during the 3 months I was off my feet. I recovered quickly but  I dropped to 160 pounds during my injury. The first day I got back on my feet, was my first day rowing. It was hard at first. But with the help of my teammates by the end of the week I was crew(rowing) crazy. With all the cardio and lifting I did for football, I was a natural at rowing. My first year rowing I was ranked top 100 in world competition, and made it on the US national Development team. My dream was always to be a D1 athlete so I trained my hardest. Neither my type one diabetes, nor my injuries would stop me, and eventually my dream came true. This upcoming school year I will be a Temple University oarsmen rowing for a D1 school on a rowing scholarship, something that wouldn’t have happened if I stayed with football. Dont ever give up on your dreams, they may not work out how you expected them to, but you gotta keep pushing!”

Alex James – Naperville, IL


Anthony “Big Ant” Capers

I am proud to induct Anthony “Big Ant” Capers this week into the I2T Hall of Fame. I’ve known him since elementary school, and he was always a big guy. To see his transformation is truly powerful because most people in his position would’ve blamed genetics and said it’s impossible to lose weight. This guy is Ingrained To Train, and he puts in a lot of work at the gym and it shows! When speaking with Big Ant on the phone about workouts and nutrition, I can hear the passion and drive in his voice. He’s truly an inspiration for the big men out there who don’t see hope in losing weight


“I’ve always been big, tall, and large. I was cool with that. My only issue was that when I trained in high school, I wondered why I couldn’t see the muscle I worked on building up. I just kept getting bigger. It wasn’t a big deal to me at the time because I was playing football. After high school I got away from sports, training, and working out. My eating habits were terrible, and I got up to 500 lbs by the age of 29! I started to watch bodybuilders on youtube and wondered how these guys were so big and defined. I discovered that it was from diet and clean eating. Ready to get back into athletics I decided to get into bodybuilding as a hobby. I didn’t hate my physique but I wanted to change it, and this became my motivation. I didn’t know much about losing weight besides eating small meals 6-7 times a day and to grind it out in the gym. I took that little bit of insight and dove right in. I actually wound up losing more weight than I wanted too, but now I can focus on putting on nice lean gains!

Before I was training I was at a low point in my life, so training has definitely gotten my life on a more positive track. My plan is to go back to school and become a personal trainer while pursuing bodybuilding, and hopefully entering a contest one day. I’ve started a fitness and life motivational movement called POWERMONKEEZ and hope to reach the lives of others.”

Anthony “Big Ant” Capers

Caleb Henry IV – Flossmor, IL

henryOut of all my clients that I work with, this is the guy is who I’m the most proud of. I’ve known Caleb for several years, and he had some of the worst habits one could have when it came to health. One day he made a decision to make a change after the birth of his kids and started to work out consistently. He had some progress, but decided to reach out to me and together we developed a plan that not only made him look better, but healthy living is INGRAINED in his lifestyle now. He eats clean, works out consistently, and even measures out his food with a food scale. His transformation is a powerful one, and should inspire those who have struggled to stick with a plan in the past. Caleb is a testimony that with a good plan, motivation, and support you can change your life for the better.

“When I first decided to start working out I ate whatever I wanted, but was consistent at the gym. I lost 18 pounds that year and was very happy. I reached out to Jimmy, and he put me on a plan. I lost 15 pounds in the first 31 days! This is proof that diet is everything! I don’t think I’ll ever eat McDonald’s again. I’ve been on the program for 6 months now and I’m down under 240 pounds for the first time in years. If you want to make a change, Jimmy will get you to where you want to be.”

– Caleb Henry IV

Barbara San-Roman – Chicago, IL

barbaraI’m proud to induct Barbara San-Roman into the I2G Hall Of Fame. She is the definition of Ingrained To Train. She bought into the program several months ago and never looked back. If I said jump, all she asked was how high! She stayed consistent, believed in the process, and attacked every workout with 100% effort! As a result, she’s gotten phenomenal results and she’s continuing to make physical gains and strength gains. Congrats Barbara, you’re now officially Ingrained 2 Train! Read Barbara’s story below.

“I started my fitness journey almost 2 years ago. It began with a lot of experimenting, imitation, and trial and error. About a year in I contacted Jimmy about the possibility of doing online training–after that it was history. He not only adapted my existing meal plans and created my workout structure, but he pushed me to try new combinations and workouts. Now, I’m not only in the best shape of my life, but I’m constantly setting new physical and mental goals for myself that I never thought possible.”

– Barbara San-Roman

Mike Biggs – Hubbard, OH

mb1Congratulations on being inducted into the I2T Hall of Fame, Mike!  As you can see below, Mike put in the work to go through a complete body transformation, and is worthy of being labeled “Ingrained to Train”.  In a previous article, I talked about the road to success being simple, and how simple isn’t the same as easy. I bring this up because when you read Mike’s words below, you’ll see someone who was able to master simple concepts such as hard work, commitment,  and controlling your own destiny, and turn himself into one of the best 12 weeks success stories we’ve seen. Congratulations on changing your life, and your body, Mike!

“Twelve weeks of hard work and dedication. It really shows you can achieve any goal if you set your mind to it. If you want to change your life do it, if you want to change your body just do it. It all starts with your mindset first, conquer that and then you will control your destiny. I’m still a work in progress but I’m getting there.”

– Mike Biggs

Jason Robinson – Naperville, IL

jasonrobinsonI would like to congratulate Jason Robinson on receiving the title Ingrained To Train. I met Jason about 2 years ago and he has had a remarkable journey when it came to weight loss. I saw him work with other trainers, stay active by playing a lot of basketball, and try to make good choices with his diet. Over the course of a few years he dropped over 40 pounds but I noticed that he was struggling to lose that last 15 pounds. That’s when we decided he would be a great candidate for the 24 Day Challenge (which included a custom workout, a diet plan with coaching, and a supplement bundle). He was hesitant at first, but decided to do it. With the Ingrained To Train coaching, and Jason’s Ingrained To Train mentality, he has lost that last 15 pounds and has kept the weight off. He looks incredible and he’s changed his life for the better. His hardwork, and dedication to the program couldn’t make me more proud of him! Read Jason’s story in his words below:

“Transformation is something everyone wants but not everyone can achieve on their own. When you find someone who is willing to help you get there, you take advantage of the opportunity. For me, weight was an issue. I would bounce around from 265 to 225 and back. When I started working with Jimmy, he noticed the pattern i had and walked me through how to change it.

He built on what previous trainers started and challenged me to go beyond what I thought I could. Not only did he change how I worked out but he got me to change how I eat. The result was me going from the roller coaster of weight to taking off weight and keeping it off.

I was able to get from 265 down to 205 and now we are working to reconstruct my body the right way. If you’re wanting to “get right” then Jimmy Carter is your guy.”

– Jason Robinson



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